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Wood U Like

Specializing in Exotic Woods

My goal as a modern wood artist is to combine the unique grains, patterns and colors of wood with function and form. I choose highly figured and naturally colored woods and burls and showcase them on pieces you can use everyday - from pens to winestoppers, boxes to golf ball markers! Anything can be enhanced with wood!

Early in my journey, I came across the exotic and luxurious Amboyna Burl. It's spectacular colors and contrast between the sapwood and heartwood is extraordinary! The burl grows naturally on the Narra tree and can be harvested off the tree keeping the tree intact. These burls and other sustainable exotic woods continue to be my staple materials and bring constant inspiration.

More recently, I have experimenting with engraving and etching on woods and other materials as an extension of my woodwork. I can customize pieces to include initials, logos, images and inscriptions. It continues to be a fun, exciting journey.

Contact me if you have any questions or if you would like a custom, personalized piece. I love the creative process of making one-of-a-kind items. We can pick your wood type, your design, your logo and make the vision a reality! Check out my work in person as well at one of my art shows!

Wood U Like.........a unique artpiece? Come on in!