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All our Golf Ball Markers are made from figured woods and
each will be engraved with names, initials, or logos.

Whether you're searching for golf items for yourself or to give as a gift to your favorite golfer, our Divot Tool / Wood Golf Ball Marker is sure to make a fitting addition to your collection of golf stuff. Our Customized Golf Ball Marker & Divot Tools are made by hand, creating a unique design that you simply can't find among the golf stuff at sporting goods stores or even at specialty pro shops. Our customized Golf Ball Markers & Divot Tools are crafted from figured wood inlays with your choice of light Oak, dark Walnut or reddish Mahogany which is placed in the setting, and a stylish emblem of two crossed clubs is engraved into the wood. For a special finishing touch, we will engrave your name or the name of the recipient into the wood at no extra charge, creating a personalized piece for any collection of golf items. As practical as they are stylish, our customized ball markers contain a magnet, which allows them to adhere to the divot tool & hat clip bases. These golf ball markers make it easy to spot your ball on the turf and to ensure that you lay the marker in the perfect spot if you're removing the ball to clean its surface or make way for another golfer. The stylish design of the golf ball markers makes them stand out easily, and because of its unique look, you'll never be confused about which marker is which when you're playing with friends or at a tournament. For best results, we recommend that you use no more than 7 characters for the name engraving on these combination customized golf markers and divot golf tools. Upon request, we can also replace the golf club logo with your company's logo if you wish to use the marker and divot tool for promotional purposes (a small set up fee will apply).