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European Style Pen & Letter Opener - perfect for personalizing

Exotic Wood Pen Exotic Wood Pens
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Sale Price: $29.99
Savings: $5.00
Exotic Wood Pen & Letter Opener Set Pen & Letter Opener Sets
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Exotic Wood Letter Opener Exotic Wood Letter Openers
Our Price: $23.99
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Wood Keyring & Toothpick Holder Toothpick Holder / Keyring
Our Price: $24.99 ~ 29.99

Our Sophisticated European Design Pen & Letter Openers are designed from Exotic Burls and Figured Wood. These are excellent for personalization. An engraved pen and letter opener makes a real statement when it's produced from a pocket or picked up from a desk. Our handcrafted pen and letter openers creates a sophisticated first impression and makes a unique personalized gift for any occasion. Made entirely by hand, our exquisite engraved pen is sure to become their most-used writing utensil, and the recipient of this special gift is sure to think of you each time he or she uses it. Unlike other personalized pen and letter openers that are made from plastic, our engraved pen and letter opener is made from Exotic Burls & Figured Woods. The woods features a grain with highly decorative flourishes that makes each personalized pen and letter opener that we create unique. Our ball point pen will be engraved on the handle and has a gold-finished clip on the side.