• Choose from figured Domestic & Exotic Hardwoods
  • Customizable - logo, name or design can be engraved on wood inlay
  • Each piece is designed by nature and is bold, beautiful and totally unique
  • Real glass lens resists scratching and provides a crystal-clear magnification
  • Wood base serves as a handle while the lens is in use
  • Easy to manipulate, the thick glass lens slides in and out on a sturdy pivot
  • 3x magnification glass lens measures approx. 3" diameter
  • Great functional piece for home, office and travel
  • Doubles as a paper weight
  • Optional black lined gift box

Wood Magnifying Glass

Wood Choice
Gift Box
    • Dimensions: 3" circumference x 1" high
    • 3x magnification glass lens
    • Real wood inlays
    • Brass base

WoodULikeInc, California, USA

Ph: 310-540-6393

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